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Gutter Clogged with Leaves

Gutters From Roofing Nation

How Leaf Slugger's™ Gutter Protection System Works

Your home's gutter system plays an important role by offering protection against water damage by collecting and redirecting rainwater, as well as the water that is produced from melting ice and snow.  Most gutter systems simply are not designed to provide the unsurpassed water control that the Leaf Slugger's™ patented system from Roofing Nation can offer.

Ice on the roof of a house

Gutters, Your Home and Moisture Damage

When there is heavy rains, melting snow and ice or a clog in your gutter, water can easily overflow and run down the side of your home.  This water can lead to moisture in your foundation, basement and can even damage the expensive landscaping around your home.

Even water that may flow behind the gutters can cause damage, including rot, mold, insect infestations and peeling. These conditions, over time, can cause extensive long-term damage.

How Leaf Slugger™ Protects Your Home

Leaf Slugger's™ patented system basically is an extension of your home's roof; where it ends Leaf Slugger picks up. Leaf Slugger™ fits on top of your existing gutters. This fit offers a clog-free water management system. Our gutter system utilizes the laws of water adhesion. This ensures that water is transported to where it needs to go, away from your home! This unsurpassed system is guaranteed not to clog and it keeps your home's gutters functioning the way they were designed to.

Eliminate the threat of moisture damage to your home, as well as the need for cleaning your gutters, by contacting us about Leaf Slugger™ today!

The Leaf Slugger Gutter Protection
Gutter Before and After

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